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Inspiration from Real-Life Transformations...

Tina is a very caring, kind, and insightful person. She has a unique approach to healing that is very spiritual, yet practical. She has great perception, and her ability to quickly get to the root of a problem is amazing. She is a great listener, and her wisdom has consistently helped my family and friends deal with difficult issues in a successful and positive manner. I consider her not only a great life coach, but also a wonderful friend to my family, and I will be forever grateful to her.

Robert Paino, M.D.


I came across Tina through a series of life events that resulted in vulnerable, open conversations with friends, and even strangers. I know that Divine intervention led me to her, and I will be forever grateful. Tina's healing, intuitive, and spiritual gifts are a tangible example of the enormously loving way God works. Tina loved on me in such beautiful ways and yet held me accountable to the work that I needed to do within myself if I truly wanted to get to my next level. Tina's guidance is honest and nurturing. What Tina can provide is far beyond coaching in the traditional is healing and heart-opening.

Stacey Harbour

There are no words to express how amazing my experience with Tina has been. Tina is quite intuitive and picked up on some things going on with me before I had even booked a session with her and before I knew what she did. My sessions with Tina were eye opening and inspired. They were more helpful than my sessions with a counselor so I would highly recommend Tina. She has the compassion, insight and empathy to guide her clients thru their journey. She has been a true blessing in my journey!


Holistic health practitioner/pharmacist

Tina is a gifted healer with an amazing ability to guide people in discovering the essence of who they are. I am profoundly grateful and inspired by her work.

Dr. John Bott, D.C.


A good friend referred me to Tina in August of 2018 when I was experiencing a devastating divorce and hurting from deep betrayal. I was at my lowest of low with depression and sadness. I don't think I could have made thru that dark time without the guidance of Tina. She was the light that I needed to begin my healing and rebirth to my spiritual self. Tina has such sweet, honest and loving presence, even the space that she holds sessions has amazing love and wonderful energy. I will continue to work with Tina to help guide me thru life changes and challenges. I can't say enough wonderful, positive things about Tina, she offers more than traditional counseling, she is a intuitive coach that will guide you to a path of healing and thriving.

Renee S.

Healthcare Professional

Tina has such a special gift and I am truly grateful for her being in my life. She reminds me who I am, what I am suppose to be doing, how to stay focused, how to trust my own intuition, helps me see problems and/or opportunities for what they are, and gives me clarity when I get stuck in my own head. I trust Tina and recommend her any chance I get.

Heidi Drexler


Tina has been a true inspiration. She’s helped me look inside myself to find the best version of myself. I’ve come a long way..have a long way to go. So excited to have Tina...and God as partners in this journey!

Scott Holdridge

Insurance Agent

My session with Tina was profound and incredibly transforming. The information she brought through was exactly what I needed to hear and will continue to work with. I highly recommend having a session with her so that your soul can tell you what you most need to hear at this time!

Allee S.

Teacher, Coach and Author

I am so grateful for Tina and the work that she does! It is unlike any other session I’ve ever had and I gained so much insight and understanding from our hour together! I highly recommend you book your’s right away!!!

Marna Taylor

Singer songwriter

"Tina literally took my breath away.  I came to her for clarification, not for any kind of crisis; I just wanted affirmation that I was on the right path.  Being a skeptic, however, I gave her no information about myself or what I was needing.  Her ability to tune into my energy, accurately perceiving my gifts, my stumbling blocks, and leading me beyond my current understanding of my path was uncanny.  I met with her only 3 times last year and it has enabled me to travel leaps and bounds in my belief system about myself.  Given the speed and dramatic change I see in myself today, I can say it was the best gift I spent on myself last year!"

Laurie Ritchie


I started going to Tina a few months before my job ended. I was looking for help with deciding my next step in life and healing from past hurts and pains. Between 1on 1 coaching sessions and a 90 day transformation series, Tina helped me heal and appreciate my life and journey. I am son grateful to Tina and her amazing abilities.


Tina was recommended to me by my chiropractor because I was going through a significant life change. I immediately felt connected and safe with Tina as we explored and I rediscovered my spiritual essence. Learning about the many resources available to us every day and tools that help us to unleash our potential has been life-changing. If you are seeking to tap into your true self and the sense of joy that brings, Tina is an inspirational teacher who can help guide you.

Nikki Lemley

Mother, Wife and Global Business Professional

Love Tina! She's the real deal! I will admit I was skeptical at first, but after my first session with Tina I was hooked. She's great at what she does. Truly inspiring.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Occasionally in life we encounter a unique individual who impacts our life deeply and Tina Perrmann is certainly one of those.

Having had the honour of working with Tina in network marketing this past few years, I highly recommend her as a network marketing professional, entrepreneur, and an intuitive holistic coach.  

My late husband, the legendary network marketing professional Mark Yarnell, worked with Tina for two years and he often referred to to her as “the real deal.” Tina is authentic, genuine, and a supreme example of what it is to live life from a moment-to-moment spirit-centered place.

It’s my hope and prayer that Tina will continue to shine her light for those searching for a breakthrough in their life from an integrated mind-body-soul perspective. She’s simply the very best!

Valerie Bates

Author, Professional Networker, Coach

“Successful business people are successful because they have learned to surround themselves by accomplished leaders. Tina Perrmann is a leader by example, attitude, work ethic and experience. I have seen first-hand her ability to take difficult moments and capitalize on the opportunity to materially impact those around her both financially and socially.  When you find a leader like Tina, one would be wise to pattern their actions after her and learn from her experience and leadership.”

Devin Glazier

Chief Financial Officer | Qivana

My journey with Tina has truly been inspirational and eye-opening. Her intuitive ability has helped me to better understand my path in life. I'm a left side of the brain thinker and through Tina's coaching and guidance I'm finding that balance which includes listening more from my heart. Thank you, Tina, for sharing your gentle and grateful spirit with others.


School Administrator

Tina and I met by a chance encounter and immediately she was able to interpret my energy through her intuitive insight. I was compelled to meet with her again after experiencing a life of being in an emotional tumultuous relationship with my parents, losing my husband a few years prior, and subjecting myself to another codependent relationship. My first session was so enlightening. I learned so much about my damaged inner child. Tina was able to help me understand the struggles that those around me were experiencing. Soon I found myself enrolled in Tina's 90 Day Transformation series. It truly was a mind, body and spiritual transformation. The fundamentals of "Letting Go, Let God," the "Power of Forgiveness" and "Sweet Surrenders" along with other topics in the series gave me a greater peace within myself. Learning the true definition of hope, and the benefits one receives by forgiving others has bestowed upon me a greater peace and feeling of tranquility I have never experienced in other counseling sessions. I believe my chance encounter with Tina was "Divine Intervention" and the timing was impeccable. She is truly an angel

Wendy S.

Registered Dental Hygienist. BSDH

My life has changed in such a short amount of time since working with Tina. I was in a really rough patch and couldn't seem to get the stick-to-itiveness to start living the life that I wanted. Tina helped me work through some self sabotaging behaviors and has helped me find inspiration! I am starting a blog...and doing thing differently. But more importantly, I feel I am living the life I was meant to live. I am living in alignment and could not have begun to do this without Tina's healing. She is a true healer!


Physical Therapist

I started working with Tina as an outlet to help me through my divorce. Tina has such a natural gift to help you focus on healing yourself and your inner child. I didn't think it was possible to go through a divorce and come out on the other end as a more loving, caring person - Tina helped me get there, and now I am focused on being my best self and taking ownership of my thoughts and actions - Thank you Tina!

Evan Ross

Director of Sales - Digital Media

What a gift Tina has been to me!!!!! As a mother of 4 and owner of 2 businesses I was clearly overwhelmed and tired. Tina has literally changed my life by giving me the awareness and power to see things differently and make different choices. Tina has a gift to understand and see people in their true light and reflect back to them their truth. God has given her this beautiful gift and the best word I would use to describe Tina would be HEALER. She is a genuine, beautiful, powerful, intuitive and spiritual healer that I am grateful every day that our paths crossed. Love you my sweet angel!

Laura Wilson

Owner, Marketplace at The Abbey

Thank you Tina for being so much more than a coach, mentor and business partner; you've been a treasured friend. You raise me up spiritually and emotionally and then let me fly, always holding that place for me when I come back down. I can't find the words to describe what your guidance and support means to me but I know you feel it. There are tears of joy on my face as I write this because I am living my gifts and the possibilities you helped me step into. Namaste

Carol Louis

Author/Coach/Lover of Life

I work in a family business and sometimes the stress is more than overwhelming. With Tina's help I have learned to sift through the surface "stuff" and see what 's underneath - the root issue of situations.


This past January was a very difficult time for me.  I lost my best friend to his addictions.  This loss could have been completely devastating but, with Tina's help, I have learned to look inside myself, and to love myself.  This has allowed me to better all parts of my life.


I would highly recommend Tina's coaching!


Mom of 4/Business owner

I must say going to an "intuitive spiritual life coach" was a little out side of my box. But I have also been trying to "be willing" and "open" to new things, and afraid of no-things. So I thought I would give it a whirl. A friend suggested seeing Tina, and I have seen great strides and changes in her life, so I thought, "why not"? I have been to my share of clinical therapists and counsellors for guidance, but I must say this has been a completely different, and eye opening experience with Tina. I have seen major shifts and breakthroughs in my life and relationships, that were "stuck" before. She is very insightful and is most definitely intuitive, as she has spoken facts and truths of my life, that she couldn't have ever possibly known....For my incredibly skeptal husband to go and listen to her, speaks volumes. Not only did he listen, but he heard her. If anyone is questioning or inquiring about whether to see Tina, don't hesitate. You can't go wrong, I highly recommend!



More than two years ago, I began to have a strong desire to…improve my life and be a better person overall. I wanted to correct my past mistakes and a find a spiritual connection while experiencing personal growth, love and happiness. Having all the intention in the world to accomplish such task alone wasn’t enough as I found myself going back to familiar ways of the past that usually resulted in negative outcomes. A friend referred me to Tina and I began sessions with her approximately 2 years ago. Tina’s guidance has shown me how to improve my internal self and to appreciate my journey and spiritual relationship. The days have turned into years with a true sense of the word, “blessing”! Her heart-felt ways help me open my heart and show me how to love. She directs me with tools that I go to when I am feeling weak or need encouragement. As a result, obstacles are no longer as large as they appear. Tina is a blessing in my life and the many other lives I know she has touched.



Tina is a brilliant teacher of Divine Love. Her sessions and guidance have led me on my true path to love, health and wealth. Her sessions are healing, inspiring and have always assisted in propelling me faster toward my dreams and goals.

Stacy H.


I truly believe a friend sending me to see Tina Perrmann when I was struggling & going through a very dark time in my life was divine intervention. I have been searching my whole life for something, happiness, joy, peace  through any self help book, show, article, newest fad of the month  to no avail. I truly believe with all my heart God speaks through her talents and wisdom. And if you are open and willing to her life coaching work & sessions you can have the life you never dreamed possible. I always thought I was just a cynical, negative, sensitive, sometimes temperamental person who tried to love others so hard but was always depleted but that is not me. The person who God meant me to be is a happy, loving, joyful, beautiful, unafraid girl who truly loves myself in all thought, word, & action. I would have never reached that potential without being open, patient, & persistent to her spiritual guidance. It is not an exaggeration to say that she saved my life & the lives of my children & family & helped me break the cycle of shame, hurt , & pain that I otherwise would have unknowingly passed onto future generations. Thank you! Thank you Tina! I will pay it forward one day:)

Mary Anne Holdridge

Co-owner & Marketing Specialist at Scott Holdridge State Farm Insurance LLC & full-time Mom

Upon entering a new relationship, after a 32 year marriage had ended, I began intuitive sessions with Tina. To my surprise these sessions have been a spiritual healing process that assists me with a new way of being in my relationship. I wish I would have had this knowledge in my early dating years rather than waiting until 62 years of age. This has been so much more than I could have ever hoped. I have begun a healing process with my former spouse, my children and the new love of my life. Don't hesitate. Take advantage of Tina\'s deep understanding of the spiritual and emotional core of your Self. You can have all that you want for your life.

Mark N.

Accountant/Business Owner, St. Louis

I have been working with Tina for six years. My sessions have assisted me with many life altering events, love, love lost, the loss of my beloved Mother, moving to LA, job changes and health issues. The sessions have given me support, guidance and tools to assist me in this journey called life.

Julie A.

Fitness Supervisor

A friend recommended Tina and working with her to achieve being my best self has been a blessing. Tina is a gifted and insightful coach who can discern exactly what is helpful and needed to move forward. I would highly recommend her for career or personal growth and relationship issues. Tina truly has a gift and just being in her energy is motivating. A time of life transitions brought me to Tina and I am so grateful for this time of reflection and growth....Everyone would be blessed to have her as their coach. I know others who have also worked with her as their coach and I hear nothing but rave reviews...if you are stuck or in transition or on a quest for growth all I can say is Tina has been amazing!! Thank you

Kathleen S.

Licensed Professional Counselor/former Manager of an Employee Assistance Program

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