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Updated: Apr 3, 2018

We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.

A recent conversation with my 4 year old grandson, Jax, warmed my heart and confirmed the natural inner knowing, purity and innocence of a child that I know to be true. Jax is a very bright light; He is brilliant, compassionate and so intelligent. Jax loves animals. He calls himself the animal whisperer. Therefore, I could not wait to inform him we were on "pet patrol" for both our neighbor's dogs since they had to go out of town due to deaths in their families. To my surprise, Jax was more interested in who died than taking care of the dogs. I explained to him it was our neighbor's brother and mother in law that had past away. He immediately interrupted me,"Nina! When you die, Your spirit does NOT die. Your Spirit lives forever." My daughter and I looked at each other speechless. My daughter, Stephanie, asked Jax, "Who told you that?" Jax repied, "No one did. I just know that." Later that day, Jax boldly assured me, "Nina, When you die, You'll be my Angel!"

I live, teach and coach my clients from the perspective that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We are not human beings striving to be Spiritual; we are already Spiritual Beings. Digest this statement for a moment. We existed in spiritual form before we were born. We are eternal Souls. Our authentic power is our Spirit, our Light. And we are more than just a physical body. We are a Soul with a Body.

When I say, "Spiritual" I don't mean religious. I believe we have a mind, body and Spirit not a mind, body and Religion (I love, honor, and respect all paths to God). Spirituality is OUR personal relationship with the Divine, God, HigherSelf, or Universe (whatever resonates with you). It's the energy that makes our heart beat. Our Soul is a little piece of The Divine in each of us. It is here to experience this life, its lessons and evolution. It is where unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, harmony, peace and Joy exist. Therefore, being Spiritual really means living more from an open heart. It is our most Sacred Self.

It is important to appreciate the value of growing and learning at a "Soul level". If we miss an opportunity to grow our Soul, The Universe gives us the same type of issue over and over again until we learn the loving lesson presented. This is often referred to as Kharma. When we grow Spiritually, we overcome these challenges and in turn they become blessings or Dharma; we then actually become more loving. Love is at the core of us all.

How do we access this Spiritual part of us? Our most Sacred Self? The simplest way I know how is through our Breath (Spirit/our Life force energy) by meditation and or prayer. Easy to do? We breathe every moment of everyday. Just not consciously. And from the connection to our Breathe we can access our own internal GPS (Guidance Power System) and quiet or still the mind. That is where the magic and miracles exist. All the answers we need to know to evolve our Soul are within. Truly, life is an inside job. And like my grandson, Jax, he knows innately, we are, indeed, Spiritual Beings having a human experience and the experience is formless, brilliant, magical, powerful, miraculous, and so loving.

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Updated: Feb 13, 2018

"Love Yourself First and Everything else Falls in Line. You really have to Love Yourself to get Anything done in the World," says Lucille Ball.

Thanks to the Famous, "I LOVE Lucy" (pun intended), No truer words have spoken to my heart. It has taken me decades of learning through some pretty harsh experiences to love myself enough to give myself permission to really take care of myself first. I grew up in a family of 7 children (God love my Mother and Father). Can you even imagine having 7 children? I was the second-oldest sibling and my "normal" was taking care of others and being overly-responsible. I learned it was selfish to take care of oneself first. No surprise I married young and gave birth to my first child at the ripe, young age of 19. By the age of 22, I was married with two children, a homeowner, and businessowner. I learned that my private logic was actually backwards at that time, and my choices and lifestyle confirmed, "take care of others first".

The reminder for more Self-Love was the theme for my intuitive-coaching clients this past week and for me. How appropriate for the month of February; Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever flown on an airplane with small children? The flight attendant will instruct you, "In the event of an emergency, first put on your oxygen mask, THEN your child's mask.“ What a true metaphor for self-love and managing one's own life force energy. Wow! Think about how many times, in your daily life, you have this backwards? How often, from a place of obligation and fear, do you give to others your time, talent, and energy? Self-Love is oxygen for your Soul. It is not Selfish. Perhaps what we judge as Selfish is really a cry for Soul Care?

My very wise acupuncturist, Jintana (She's from Thailand), informs me that Buddha teaches us to only allow people to drink from your cup - IF that cup is full and overflowing. If you do not fill yourself up first, there will be consequences. Sort of like trying to write a check from a depleted or overdrawn bank account. The check will bounce! Same is true with one's own energy; one cannot give to others without loving and giving to oneself first. Jintana often reminds me this as she lovingly assists my body back into balance and optimal health.

Sounds simple, right? But how exactly does someone do this? How does one Love oneself enough to set boundaries (emotionally and physically) and break old habits, rhythms, and patterns that no longer serve oneself? The first Step is always through awareness, insight and gaining new tools... then make a decision to change and lastly - take action. Ask these simple questions internally: "What is the most loving choice for me in this moment?" and "What is in my highest good that will be a blessing to others and me?" Try journaling, listen for the answer and respond without guilt!

Perhaps, if we listen to our bodies more frequently, we would hear how loving we truly are to ourselves. Our bodies communicate to us what is out-of-alignment, what is needed for more nurturing and tender loving care. If we do not set loving boundaries for ourselves, our body will do so through Dis-Ease (disease). Therefore, a loving boundary is a Full Sentence, "NO!". When we say "NO" to anything obligatory, we are actually saying "YES" to OURSELVES! My mentor used to remind me frequently, "If it isn't a "Hell YES" then its an obvious "Hell NO"!!! We do not have to defend, justify or do anything out of obligation. Can you imagine a Valentine's Day in which everyone on the planet made a commitment to more Self-Love? How much more Loving would the World Be? Perhaps you could Love yourself so fiercely, that when others see you they know exactly how it is done!

P.S. Treat yourself to a Valentine Movie Date and watch "Yes Man" staring Jim Carrey. It is a hilarious reminder/reflection of giving ourselves more Self-love when life feels out control. Go on!... order take-out, turn off the phone, put on the PJ's, pop the popcorn, take a bath and enJOY the gift of YOUR LOVE.

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Updated: Jan 29, 2018

In celebration of my recent birthday, my sweet neighbors brought me a bouquet of tulips and a dear friend gave me a dozen pink roses. Oh how the sight of these flowers made me long for Spring to arrive and a Spring Break vacation even more! I wanted to fast forward time. Skip the next months of Winter. But the beauty, scent and vibrant color of the roses and tulips brought me back into the present moment and allowed me to slow down in so many ways in that very moment. "Where in my life was I rushing, forcing or pushing energy once again", I asked myself? "Where did I need to slow down, take care of myself and trust the process of life to unfold?" It was in the simple internal asking, having the awareness, that I then began to have the remembrance, a feeling of calm and peace came over me, a knowing of Trusting in Divine Timing. A time of Letting Go. A surrender of my "doing-ness" and "busy-self". I simply needed to remind my very impatient inner child (she stands in front of the microwave and says, "Hurry UP!") that All is Well. Your vacation time (Spring Break) is coming in perfect timing. And to remember the truth that any Disappointment (to Focus on Divine Appointment) I feel is just a reminder that the Universe has something better in store and always has my highest good in mind. Trust Divine Timing, Tina.

We are in the "dead" of Winter - so to speak. It's bitter cold, there is a lack of sunshine, the days are shorter, the trees are bare, everything feels like it's in black and white without any living color or vibrancy. It’s a time of hibernation and stillness. But with much anticipation, we know from experience that Spring will soon come! A time of “rebirth” and anew.

Divine Timing is the same concept. It takes faith and trust to Let Go and allow the space for a process to unfold. Our human Ego(Edging Out God), limitation, and fear tend to want us to hold on and be in control. We do this by rushing, pushing and forcing things and energy that need time to grow, develop and fully blossom. A tulip or rose never struggle to open. A River does not flow upstream. Trust the natural flow of energy, and more importantly the process. If you are in need of grand reminder of how it works... sit in nature. Nature is one place that EGO(edging out God) does NOT exist. In the Nature Kingdom, there is a Divine Order, Timing and Perfection to its magic. So it is True with all of our life‘s manifestation and creation. What needs your attention to Be more patient, trusting and have faith to Let Go and make more space for God?

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