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About Tina


Hello, I AM Tina Perrmann.

I AM a wife, to my Beloved, Steve Perrmann, Mother of 5, Mother-in-law to 3, and Grandma (Nina) to 5 and A Gifted Intuitive Life Coach.

I AM a dedicated healer, energy savant, light worker, mentor, intuitive life coach, author (BEaUtiFuLL Gracie Angel and Guidesand will not give up a on a client, using my gift of empathy and intuition so they may be Free. My ability to love beyond disappointment has been my greatest strength and wealth. I absolutely love leading and assisting people to their enLIGHTened Life. My intuition is my gift which helps people heal, realize their purity and innocence, rekindle their childhood wonder, connect with their Guidance/Spirituality and find their purpose and destiny. 

I AM an Emotion Code Technique Practitioner.  The Emotion Code is an energy-based therapy which is used to easily identify, and release trapped emotional energy from the body.  Over time these trapped emotions can interfere with your emotional and physical health which disrupt your normal life.

Exciting News

Available for Order

BEaUtiFuLL Gracie Angels and Guides Book & Sacred Oracle Cards for Divine Pure Inspiration

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My book is now available through this website and on Amazon.comClick Here to get your copies.


BEaUtiFuLL Gracie Angels & Guides
Book & Sacred Oracle Cards for Divine Pure Inspiration
By Tina Michele Perrmann


For more than two decades, as an Intuitive Life Coach and Mentor, Tina has helped thousands of individuals, couples and business owners heal their traumas, release emotional blocks and provide them tools and spiritual resources to move forward in their goals, heart’s desires and dreams.

She created this book and sacred oracle cards to assist others with their spiritual connection, guidance and soul’s journey.


Product includes;

  • Beautiful Storage Box

  • 28 Sacred Oracle Cards

  • 85 page Book

If you are someone who has been seeking transformation in your life, then I encourage you to reach out to me so we can have a conversation on how to get started.


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